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ELA Manual, DVD,
Picture Deck & Card Deck

Publication Date: 24 Feb 2021



ELA Manual: A guidebook for educators that contains the ELA Scope & Sequence, ELA Phonetic Generalizations, Lesson Planning guidelines Rationale, Lesson Planning Template, ELA Phonics Checklist, ELA Programme Plan), sample lesson plan and worksheets (linked to the demo video in the DVD),phonogram word lists, sight word lists, Procedure guidelines and more. The manual is a user-friendly collection of information and instructions that will aid both the greenhorn and experienced educator in planning a holistic lesson for their students.

ELA DVD: A collection of videos that consist of (a) Vocalization of letter names, keyword and sounds, segmented into key concepts of the ELA Scope & Sequence (e.g. basic phonograms or vowel teams), (b) Demonstration of an ELA lesson (completed sample lesson plan & worksheets are found in the Manual), and (c) Correction procedures. This allows for practitioners to have a ‘live’ point of reference if they need to review or reinforce any concept or procedure.

ELA Card Deck: Inspired by decks from The Language Tool Kit and the Michigan Dyslexia Institute, the ELA Deck fuses the best details from the two decks with enhanced information on each card like a visual of the keyword, concepts, multiple sounds, and rare sounds/rules (e.g. [s] saying /z/ after a voiced consonant) in a structured manner from frequent to higher order usage. Practitioners have quick access to information that is contained and at their finger tips at any given time (about 100 cards in total).

ELA Picture Deck: For younger children or students who are new to phonics, the picture deck has a large, coloured picture on each card that acts as a visual cue (pictorial representation of the keyword) to aid in the retrieval of the sound of the target phonogram (e.g. [u] à umbrella à /u/). These visuals are the same ones that appear on the back of the ELA Deck to ensure structure and consistency (about 50 cards in total).