Clever but Cluttered: Developing Your Child's Executive Function

Fee : $110.00

The workshop has been approved for Caregivers Training Grant until 31 March 2022. Click here to download the form.



Rebecca Shalinah

Kong Yun Rui




Parents, caregivers, and educators who work with children between the ages of 7 to 14 (Primary 1 to Secondary 2)




This workshop is targeted at parents and teachers who are interested in helping learners with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) to become more effective in managing their studies. SpLD learners tend to struggle more with school work due to the nature of their learning needs. They can also have co-occurring issues such as Attention Deficit which leads to poor focus and disorganisation. This workshop thus aims to help these parents and teachers understand the role of a key set of mental skills called executive function and how applying executive function strategies can help SpLD learners be more effective as students.





1. Executive function as a concept

2. The importance of executive function for SpLD learners

3. Apply executive function strategies in school

4. The ‘hill, skill, will’ of executive function




  • Articulate how poor executive function impacts learners with SpLD
  • Acquire strategies to support SpLD learners in using executive function strategies in order to study more effectively
  • Gain knowledge on how to support SpLD learners to use the three parameters of ‘hill, skill, will’ to manage academic challenges.



DAS Academy will be delivering the workshop with dual-mode of learning; face-to-face or online via live-stream on Zoom. Please indicate your preferred mode of learning in the registration form. Please note that you will not be allowed to change your preference once the registration is completed.

*Course will be postponed if the minimum number of participants is not met

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