Certificate in Understanding Dyslexia (Chinese) (e-Learning)

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Course Lecturer 课程讲师

Priscillia Shen 沈佩欣


About this Course


This e-learning course introduces participants to a broad overview of Dyslexia, a specific learning difficulty. In Singapore, the prevalence of dyslexia amongst the population is estimated to be 10% of which 4% will have dyslexia severe enough to warrant intervention. Hence this course provides a useful foundation to understand more about this specific learning difficulty, the assessment, and support of students with dyslexia. It is hoped that this course will interest participants to pursue professional teaching courses with the DAS Academy. Share your thoughts and learning journey or ask the lecturer a question on the discussion platform.



Target Audience 目标受众


This course is designed to give both professionals and family members a valuable overview of the common condition of dyslexia. The target audience may be a teacher who needs an insight into how to cope with dyslexia in the classroom, a parent who wants to support their child at home or other professionals and specialists who support students with learning differences.

本课程旨在为学员提供有关读写障碍的知识。 目标受众是需要深入了解如何在课堂上帮助有读写障碍学生的老师、想在家中辅助孩子的家长或支持有学习差异学生的其他专业教育人士。


What you will learn 完成本课程后,你将能:


  • Identify the signs and symptoms of dyslexia 辨认读写障碍的表现特征
  • Explain the causes of dyslexia 解释读写障碍得成因
  • Describe the various strategies to support a student with dyslexia 解释如何用不同策略和教学方法辅导有读写障碍的学生在阅读和拼写上遇到的问题
  • Define the common co-occurring difficulties 阐述与读写障碍同时出现的其它学习障碍
  • Explain how dyslexia can be an advantage 描述如何将读写障碍转化为各人优势




There is ONE end of course quiz with 20 MCQ questions. To be eligible for a certificate, you must complete this quiz and achieve a passing score of 80%. Only two attempts are allowed.




DAS Academy will be delivering the course via the SUSS UniLEARN Online learning platform. Please indicate online learning in the registration form. Please note that face-to-face is not available for this course.
DAS 学员将使用SUSS UniLEARN Online 的学习平台授课。请在报名表格上选择“online learning”。这门课是以华文授课。

*Course will be postponed if the minimum number of participants is not met

WeChat payment is available for this course




A Certificate of Achievement will be issued by DAS Academy in electronic version to participants who successfully pass the assessment.


Partnership with the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)


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SUSS UniLEARN is an e-learning initiative by SUSS for the community with an emphasis on social concerns in our society. Click UniLEARN to learn more.

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