Certificate in Supporting SpLD Learners in Higher-Order Mathematical Skills

6, 7, 13, 14, 20,21 & 27 Apr 2022
5 -8 Sep 2022

Public : $1070.00
DAS Parents : $963.00

"It has helped me discover my own learnings and difficulties in this subject and this helps me prepare myself better before I can help my child with her math difficulties." - Lim Jie Yi (Sep 2020)


"It has helped me to know more about the learning outcomes expectations for Math and how it can be a challenge for students who have learning difficulties. This can help parents/tutors to manage their expectations of these learners and find better methods/strategies to get them to achieve the learning outcomes albeit late." - Aisyah Jumari (Sep 2020)


Course Lecturers

Siti MariamRebecca Shalinah


About the Course

Different types of maths concepts require different cognitive skills. For example, for the 4 basic operations, learners need to be able to understand numerical values, basic maths symbols and their related keywords. However, higher-order mathematical concepts, such as area and perimeter, angles and higher-level word problems, can be more challenging for SpLD learners because the cognitive skills involved are different. Hence, this course provides participants with the theoretical understanding of the various cognitive skills involved in learning higher-order mathematical concepts and the difficulties that SpLD learners face. Participants will also be provided with practical strategies on how to support SpLD learners in higher-order Mathematics skills.


Target Audience

The target audience can be educators supporting SpLD learners in the Mathematics classroom or parents who wish to support their children at home. Learners who may benefit from the strategies shared in the course include :

  • A learner in primary school who struggles with higher-order Math word problems
  • An older learner who has a weak foundation of geometry and measurement concepts such as area and circumference of circles, and algebra.


Learning Outcomes

  • Gain knowledge and skills to move learners beyond basic Mathematical skills
  • Recognise the types of difficulties SpLD learners face with higher-order Mathematical skills
  • Apply strategies to work on higher-order Mathematical skills
  • Design instructional activities for higher-order Mathematical skills



DAS Academy will be delivering the course with dual-mode of learning; face-to-face or online via live-stream on Zoom. Please indicate your preferred mode of learning in the registration form. Please note that you will not be allowed to change your preference once the registration is completed.



Design a lesson plan and develop a teaching resource, based on a given student profile.
* Assessment is due 20 working days after the last day of the course



  • A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to participants who attain at least 75% attendance and successfully pass the assessment.
  • A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to participants who attain at least 75% attendance but do not wish to undertake the assessment.

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