Certificate in Supporting SpLD Learners in FEHE

first Run: 4, 5 Jun 2018 | 9.30am to 4.30pm
6 Jun 2018 | 9.30am to 12.30pm
Public : $642.00
DAS Parents : $577.80



This certificate course is aimed at empowering educators in further education and higher education (FEHE), mainly post-secondary institutions, vocational institutions and universities, with practical knowledge and skills to support pupils with specific learning difficulties (SpLD). The course commences with an overview of dyslexia and the commonly co-occurring difficulties, introduces a range of screening instruments that can provide insight into the pupil's struggles, delves into a range of strategies used in tutorial support and culminates in a shared discussion of principles of inclusive classroom teaching and suggests recommendations of reasonable adjustments and provisions in FEHE context.





  • Nature of specific learning difficulties
  • Instruments used to screen and identify them
  • A range of strategies used in tutorial support
  • Inclusive classroom teaching principles and provisions of reasonable adjustments




Case study: Based on a given pupil profile of learning difficulties and learning style, analyse the pupil's needs and suggest an appropriate range of tutorial strategies and inclusive classroom practices which can help him to overcome his weaknesses to become an independent and strategic learner.




  • A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to participants who attain at least 75% attendance and successfully pass the assessment.
  • A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to participants who attain at least 75% attendance but do not wish to undertake the assessment.

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