Supporting Children’s Language Needs


Support Your Child in Language Development

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."
Ludwig Wittgenstein

When children have language weaknesses, they may find it challenging to understand what is spoken or written, and also have difficulty expressing their ideas and emotions in spoken and written words. This can cause misunderstandings as well as frustrations in their daily lives.

To support your child’s language development:

  • Build a thematic vocabulary. If you build your child’s topical or thematic vocabulary, he will find it easier to understand conversations around certain topics, and to talk contribute to conversations, too.

  • Use visuals. Use pictures, objects, gestures or actions, videos and concrete (real) experiences to make words “come alive” for your child, and it will help him to understand and remember new vocabulary. 

  • Talk together often. Research has shown that the conversational turns a child experience has a positive impact on his language processing ability. Make sure that your conversations with your child are socially and emotionally positive and engaging. 


To learn more about supporting your child’s language needs, join us at the ‘Supporting Learners with Language Needs” Workshop at the DAS Academy!