Jolene Long

Academic Services Officer


Jolene joined the DAS Academy in June 2016 as an Academic Services Assistant. DAS Academy is a Private Education Institution registered with Committee for Private Education. Jolene is currently supporting the team of lecturers and assisting with student administration matters. Jolene graduated in 1984 with a Certificate in Business Studies and she is currently attending the certificate courses at the DAS Academy. She hopes to graduate with a Specialist Diploma in Specific Learning Differences to make a difference in the lives of the people with specific learning differences by applying the skills and strategies obtained through the diploma.

Nurul Nabilla Binte Junaidi

Academic Services Officer


Nurul Nabilla joined DAS in August 2011 as a Student Services Assistant assisting with daily operations at Learning Centres. Nurul Nabilla was transferred to DAS Academy in September 2016 where she is the Academic Services Officer. DAS Academy focuses on training for Educators and Parents. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Human Resource Management (Honours Programme) at Kaplan Singapore (Birmingham City University, UK). Nurul Nabilla has been involved in DAS events over the past 6 years and has supported Learning Centre student excursion trips, DAS Student Graduations and DAS Academy Student Graduations, and more recently the DAS Speech and Drama Arts Productions.


Nurul Nabilla believes that every effort counts, no matter how small or big. Her motivation is her drive to spread awareness of Dyslexia and how parents and educators can help Dyslexics by educating themselves through workshops and courses and to break the stigma and stereotype of Dyslexia.



  • Bachelor of Arts in Business and Human Resource Management (Second Upper-Class Honours)

Suriati Binte Sabek

Academic Services Officer


Suriati has been working with DAS as Student Service Assistant since October 2011 and was promoted to Senior Student Service Assistant in 2017 and transferred to DAS Academy in 2018. She loves to work with children and help them in any area she can. Participate in Outreach/Events, company's events and able to work well with colleagues from other departments. Suriati received the DAS CEO Commendation Award in May 2018 and she looks forward to contributing more to the DAS Family in future.