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About DAS Academy

DAS Academy is a Private Education Institution (PEI) registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE) - part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), and has achieved a 4-year validity period, under the committee’s Enhanced Registration Framework. Incorporated on 19 February 2010, DAS Academy is led by a multi-disciplinary team that has extensive experience in providing direct support to people with specific learning differences (SpLD), the lecturers are able to use their skills and expertise in the design and delivery of the programmes offered by the DAS Academy. These programmes provide an academic pathway in the field of SpLD from foundation to postgraduate levels.

The DAC Academy formed a partnership with the University of South Wales, UK in 2013 to launch the Master of Arts in Special Educational Needs (MA SEN). Accredited by the University of South Wales and jointly delivered by the DAS Academy, this programme has been well received by both educators and caregivers of people with special educational needs since its launch.

Working with professional and educational bodies in Singapore and the region, the DAS Academy is committed to the professional development of teachers and staff in schools, to equip them with skills and strategies required to enable learners with SpLD reach their true potential.

Having established a good professional standing in the field of SpLD, DAS Academy works in collaboration with the government, educational and professional bodies to empower individuals who wish to make a difference in the lives of people with SpLD. 

Our Collaborative Partners

University of South Wales (UK) (2013 - Current)
Master of Arts in Special Educational Needs 
London Metropolitan University (2009 - 2018)
Master of Arts in Specific Learning Differences

Our Motto, Vision & Mission


Enabling Excellence


To be a world-class academic institution providing education and research in the area of special educational needs.


To empower special education professionals and caregivers to help people with special educational needs achieve their full potential.

Our Strategy

The DAS Academy strategy in the coming years remains unchanged and that is to be an institute of excellence in Specific Learning Differences (SpLD) in Singapore and the region. DAS Academy will levy on its strength of having lecturer-practitioners who tap on their years of experience working directly with clients to provide training courses that are rich in context and grounded in practice. DAS Academy will continue to offer dual-mode delivery for all our courses and adopt a blended learning approach to make learning more accessible across the region.


DAS Academy aims to be the leading one-stop learning destination for dyslexia and co-occurring needs. Through an expanded range of specialised courses, DAS Academy aims to empower special education professionals and caregivers to help people with special educational needs while providing a strong community of support for stakeholders working with people with SpLD. DAS Academy's training is guided by a diverse learners policy which encourages and empowers people with special educational needs to access the curriculum.

Our Educational Goals

The goal of the DAS Academy is to advise, study, research, develop existing and new educational programmes, and disseminate educational materials and research findings on specific learning differences for the benefit of members of the public in Singapore and the region.