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Training Fund for Parents on Bursary

The Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) has put aside some funding for parents to access training at DAS Academy since 1 April 2019. This has made the certificate courses more attainable for DAS Parents on Bursary.


Thank you Bursary Parents Fund

All DAS Parents on Bursary will receive an offer letter to attend training. From September 2021 - January 2022, all DAS Parents on Bursary are entitled to a 2 + 1 offer. Attend any two certificate courses and the Understanding Dyslexia e-Learning course for a co-payment of $10 per course per household. Applications are to be made at least 2 weeks before the commencement of the course. All certificate courses except for the Certificate in Understanding Dyslexia (under the Specialist Diploma in Specific Learning Differences: Teach-out) are applicable for this funding.


*This funding is not transferable to other households. If you have redeemed any certificate courses using this funding, you will only be eligible to redeem the remaining balance in the 2+1 offer.


Caregivers Training Grant (CTG)

This is a grant to support caregivers of elderly or any persons with disabilities in attending training, seminars and workshops related to care giving in order to equip them with relevant knowledge and skills and to help them better cope with the challenges of caregiving.


 Apply for Caregivers Training Grant


Amount of Grant: $200 per Care Recipient
*The $200 grant can be utilized:

1) To attend any of the CTG Approved Training Courses over the financial year at any VWO.
2) By different caregivers of the same care recipient.

Validity: 1 st April – 31 st March the following year
Payment Required by Caregiver: Co-payment of $10 (subject to the balance of CTG)


Caregivers Training Grant is applicable to the following Workshops:

- Building Your Child's Pre-requisite Skills for Learning Maths

- Supporting your child in Maths problem solving using heuristics

- Supporting Your Child in Chinese

- Developing Your Child's Comprehension Skills

- Understanding Phonics Instructions

- Coping with Spelling

- Pre-Literacy Without Tears

- Supporting Your Child in English Examination Skills

- Developing Writing in Students with Specific Learning Differences

- Supporting Your Child in Mathematics

- Talk for Success: Improving Confidence and Competence in Oracy Skills

- Assistive Technology for SpLD Learners

- Clever but Cluttered: Developing Your Child's Executive Function


Caregivers may download the Caregivers Training Grant application here.











President's Challenge Fund

We have fully utilised the funds we received from President's Challenge 2018.
A total of 47 parents have benefitted from the $61,000 we received in Jun 2019

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At the moment, none of our courses are under SkillsFuture. We are currently working on this with the relevant agencies. Stay tuned for updates!

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